Designed for Quiet and Comfort
Adhering to Vincent Medical Group's 40 years of experience in respiratory therapy and airway management, the HYPNUS team has been focusing on the development of noise control and comfort improvement at the very beginning of its establishment. From the aerodynamics of blower and airduct, to the intelligent sensing technology of respiratory events, and the FOC motor-driving algorithm as well, a group of patents with completely independent intellectual property rights have been created to open up a new era of user experience for extremely quiet and comfortable treatment.
Sleep peacefully, breathe naturally.

High Precision Flow
& Pressure Sensors

Accurately captures subtle airflow changes and instantaneously responds within 0.004 second.

FOC Motor-driving Algorithm

With the performance of stepless pressure regulating and rapid acceleration / deceleration, the target pressure is delivered steadily and immediately following the respiration rhythm.

Intelligent i-Sense Technology

Identifies various respiratory events accurately and outputs optimal treatment pressure dynamically.

Excellent Blower and Airduct

Ensuring stable pressure and curative effect, the conducted and radiation noises are both suppressed efficiently.

Upgraded Heated Tubing

Eliminates condensation and guarantees user comfort even in cold environment.

Preheated Humidification

Makes sure that every breath is warm and comfortable.

Considerate and Comfortable Care
Quiet as Spring Drizzle
Patented multi-mean noise control and pressure regulating
technologies promise high-performance ultra-quiet operation (≤ 29dB at 10cmH2O),
creating a quiet sleep and treatment environment
for the user with affirmatory efficacy.
User-friendly, easy to
understand system
We continue to optimize the system software to provide a better
and more intuitive interface for the user. Now, the user can
operate more than 90% of the functions with just one touch. It’s
easy to use from the very first time.
Fast and accurate system designed to
ensure effective treatment
Thanks to the extremely sensitive pressure sensor and the high-precision real-time flow feedback system, the
Hypnus CPAP can detect small changes in pressure of up to 0.008 cm of water, and provide feedback in as
fast as 0.004 seconds. That is in the event of a slight pressure change in the mask, the machine can quickly
and accurately adjust the treatment pressure. Keeping the user's treatment pressure constant and keeping
the airways from collapsing again, providing more effective treatment.
System Structure Diagram

Easy installation

1.Place the device on a stable level surface;

2.Insert air filter into the device;

3.Insert SD card into the device;

4.Fill the humidifier with distilled water or purified water;

5.Insert the humidifier into the side of the device;

6.Connect the power adapter;

7.Connect air tubing to the air outlet of device;

8.Connect another side of airtubing to mask.

Product Structure


Product List

  • Humidifier

    (1 set)
  • CPAP Device

    (1 set)
  • Power adapter

    (1 PC)
  • Mask

    (1 PC)
  • Air Tubing

    (1 PC)
  • Air filter

    (3 PCS)
  • SD card

    (1 piece)
  • Carrying case

    (1 PC)
  • Humidifier User Manual

    (1 copy)
  • User Manual

    (1 copy)
  • Qualification Certificate

    (1 copy)

Instructional video

Helps you quickly learn how to use the Hypnus Sleep CPAP

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